07 | 07 | 2016
The basil season 2016

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15 | 04 | 2016
The results of the oil season CLAS 2016

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27 | 11 | 2015
Marca by BolognaFiere

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12 | 11 | 2015
The light vegan organic sauce of CLAS

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The basil supply chain


The basil supply chain continues…

The basil is cut evenly.

  • Free from defectsbright green, an intense fragrance.
  • Cutting at night not damage and stress the plant.
  • First cut of the plant, maximum 20 cm. For a sweeter taste and less fibrous consistency.

The basil is collected and transported immediately. It is processed exclusively in the day by a quick start to the transformation. 

  • Washingcentrifugingmanual sorting, partial draining of the water, grinding with addition of oil, salt and acidity regulator.

 The stored basil arrives in CLAS.

  • Storage in refrigerators.
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