The results of the oil season CLAS 2016


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The CLAS oil season 2016 is nearly finished. By the end of April all the parameters of the various countries involved by the category of oil deriving from olives (olive oil and extra virgin olive oil ) will be clearly defined.

This category is very important for CLAS and above all for its pestos in which, the oil component , corresponds to 40-50% of the recipe.  A good harvest becomes vital therefore to bring high quality products to your table.

Territories of interest for the oil season 2016

The European Union accounts for more than 70% of world oil production. Specifically the main European producer is Spain, with more than 65%, followed closely  by Italy, Greece and Portugal.

Syria, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco on the other hand are indicated as non European producers. Therefore it is evident that the market is determined by the success of the olive harvest in Spain which has become the balance of power in world olive oil stock market.

The results of the oil season 2016

After the tragic results of the 2014-2015 season, noted as the worst in living memory, that of 2015 -2016  seems to have recovered. The crop that is coming to its end is showing positive standards with some above-average peaks in Italy and in Greece. Even in our Beautiful Country 2016 has been a prominent year characterized by the much longed-for “more”.

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