07 | 07 | 2016
The basil season 2016

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15 | 04 | 2016
The results of the oil season CLAS 2016

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27 | 11 | 2015
Marca by BolognaFiere

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12 | 11 | 2015
The light vegan organic sauce of CLAS

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The basil season 2016


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The basil season has just started, and although it started late due to unsuitable weather conditions, there are positive signs which make us expect a good year.

Strong in its know-how, Clas has in fact known how to select the best suppliers and the best raw material, the visual appearance is of a vivid green colour , with fleshy and aromatic leaves.

Clas’s care starts well before the  harvesting stage; it starts in fact with the selection of the most suitable territory for sowing and goes up to the process of working the basil: each production stage is guaranteed and checked , in order to obtain constantly  the maximum quality of a unique exclusively Italian product.

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