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Together with Research and Development and Quality Control, the basil supply chain is a fundamental point of strength for CLAS Pesto.

From the choice of the most suitable territory for the sowing – while maintaining the olfactory and organoleptic structural characteristics – to the harvesting and manufacturing: each production phase is guaranteed and checked, in order to obtain the maximum quality for a unique, exclusively Italian product.

Over to Simone Peirano, Quality Manager of CLAS.

> Over how many hectares does the production of CLAS extend?
If you mean the Chiusanico pesto production site, (Imperia), CLAS has a total surface area of 22.000 square metres, of which 10.000 square metres are covered, and is situated in the Ligurian hills. Regarding the production of basil, CLas buys basil which comes exclusively from selected and qualified Italian suppliers in the north of Italy, including the Liguria region.

What are the characteristics that contribute to a good basil?
There are many factors that contribute to the healthy and lush growth of basil: the optimal choice of the soil by applying a proper crop rotation, the seed selected according to rigorous criteria, irrigation at certain stages of the day and especially the optimal climatic conditions with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

What is the plus of CLAS?
CLAS produces pestos, other sauces and condiments in Liguria, where Pesto alla Genovese was born. Strong in its know-how it follows each stage of production of private label Pesto alla Genovese, from the choice of basil to the design of the label.

>  What are the characteristics of a good basil?
Fragrant and intense aromas characteristic of the plant, fleshy leaves, bright green colour, free from yellow and / or stains and over-strong taste.

> The Basil season has just begun. At this stage of the supply chain are there already elements to predict whether it will be a good year?
At the moment the weather conditions are suitable to the season, the basil is growing correctly. In some fields it has already reached 2 cm in height.


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