Quality Control Laboratory

In our modern and well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory analysis and checks are done throughout the production process, up to the shipments of the goods (more than 500 checks per day)

In CLAS Quality Control is structured in several stages which guarantee the highest reliability in the management of the raw materials used up to the finished product.


Implementation of an analytic plan which covers:

- Checking of incoming raw materials and primary packaging.

- Checking of production process (cutting, pasteurization, interception systems and checking for the presence of potential foreign bodies).

- Finished product check

- Incubation check for the commercial stability of the product.

- Checking of labelling and packaging phases.

- Checking of shipment.


Checking of the ageing of the products with already consolidated recipes with reference to the performances of the product and the packaging.

- Checking of the ageing of the recipes and of existing products.

- Organoleptic analysis and periodic Panel test.

- Blind-tests periodically done to check the constancy and quality of finished products.

- Nutritional analysis.

- Monitoring of chemical  contaminants, pesticides and microbiological parameters

- Comparative analysis on competitor products (organoleptic properties compared).