Research and Development Laboratory

In the Research and Development Laboratory there is a continuous monitoring of the market and new trends.

Constantly receptive to the study of recipes and products developed by major players in the sector, CLAS gives priority attention to innovation and to new consumer trends.

Changing attitudes, also as a result of increasingly careful food choices by the consumer.

In one year we develop about 300 new recipes, including at least 10-15 regularly put into production.

Among the standard recipes currently in production - the Pestos (Genovese with and without garlic, Sicilian, Calabrese, red, aubergine and peppers, garlic, oil, and chilli), Bruschettas (tuna, olives, peppers, tomatoes, grilled vegetables, mushrooms), Creams (baby artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, green and black olives, tuna, funghi porcini mushrooms, rocket) and Sauces (walnut, salsa verde, spicy)- Gourmet unpasteurized Pesto with Basil genovese PDO stands out, with genuine ingredients, mindful of the naturalness of the finished product.

Among the new trends, the Spreads Line, the Organic Line and the Vegan Line recipes developed in parallel with the significant growth of the number of vegetarians and vegans in Italy.

Recipes currently in the pipeline, the products of the Ethnic Line, the Fruit Jams Line and the DIP Line (Dips Line).

Research and Development Laboratory