CLAS, leading company in the production of Private Label Pesto started and continues to grow in the region where Pesto has its origins: Liguria.

An industrial reality covering a surface area of 25.000 square metres of which 10.000 square metres are covered, CLAS has built its success on its three points of strength – Basil Supply Chain, Technical structure of Research & Development and Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Flexibility/ Customer service.

The passion for an ancient and noble product such as Pesto and a pool of highly qualified technical staff has meant that CLAS has become one of the undisputed key players in the sector: with a production of 56 million jars and a turnover of 36 million euros (numbers which amount to 90% overseas and 99% for third parties), the company today is the number one producer of private label Pesto in the world.

In a few years CLAS has been able to transform a craft based on qualitative excellence into an industral reality. Capitalizing on the knowledge and resources of the region, the company has been able to create values by innovating.

This has led CLAS to be the reference company for Pesto private label and to create a competitive advantage thanks to the authenticity of tradition and quality of experience.

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Ethical and Social Principles


CLAS respects the principles of social ethics in the performance of their activities and relationship with its customers.

This results in a further guarantee for the customer, as a socially responsible and ethical management of human resources triggers a virtuous circle; which brings  a better environment and working conditions, better services offered and results obtained.




CLAS Pesto currently produces 56 million jars a year

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Constant attention and a detailed checking is given to every stage of the packaging and storage of raw materials and finished products.

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CLAS employs the latest highly specialized machinery in order to obtain the total satisfaction of its customers every day.

Automated preparation line

For the atomization of raw material dosing, in order to guarantee precision and the reduction to the minimum of possible errors.



A new generation cutter capable of working in any conditions of the raw material (hot or frozen). Thanks to the possibility of vacuum a reduced oxidisation is guaranteed and a better product texture.


Helical Mill

Essential for the creation of our Creamy Pestos and for all recipes that require an emulsifying action.


For a further air elimination inside the product, the colours become naturally brighter.

Heat Exchanger

Advanced system to manage product heating firstly, pasteurization in the jar, which does not create deterioration of the organoleptic characteristics, guaranteeing a uniformity of the consistency before the product is filled into the jar.

X-Ray Machine

Placed at end of the production line, inspects each single jar ensuring the isolation of any jars containing contaminants such as glass, steel, ferrous and non- ferrous metals, stones and any foreign body with high molecular density.

Thanks to its high technology, this latest generation machinery guarantees food safety at the highest level to all our customers.

Pilot plant

The pilot plant is used for tests and small productions.

Mixing tank

A mixing through a slow and constant blending of the product guarantees the mixture of the ingredients avoiding the separation of the oil.



Renato Bersano
Renato Bersano

Chief Executive Officer
Roberto Catelli
Roberto Catelli

Chief Financial Officer

The auditors for the 2016-2018 period following on from the last shareholders' meeting is Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.