Antipasto Cheese Christmas Tree




For the dip:

500 g of cream cheese, softened

80 g of dried tomatoes relish

Pepper to taste

Salt, to taste (if desired)


For the decorations:

200 g of mixed olives (Taggiasca variety, black, green and Kalamata olives) dried with paper towel

200 g of cheese like Toma, Asiago o Raschera

1/4 cup parsley, chopped

crackers and grissini for serving

Salami slices, for serving

Prosciutto slices, for serving


In a bowl combine all the ingredients for the dip and mix until the ingredients are well combined.

Place a piece of non-stick plastic wrap on a clean bench top or work surface. Scoop the cream cheese mixture out onto the plastic wrap and completely cover with another piece of wrap (you may need two pieces to cover it). 

Use your hands to mould the cream cheese into a tree shape. Then, carefully pick up the tree with one hand and peel off the plastic wrap on the bottom of the tree with your other hand. Place the tree straight onto a serving plate.

Use a cake spatula to smooth the edges. Cut the cheese into 1 cm thick slices and then cut with a cookies cutter many little stars.


Decorate with olives, parsley and cheese stars lightly pressing each element into the cream cheese to ensure they stay on.

Complete a plate with Prosciutto, Salami, crackers and grissini!



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